Year 10 Mathematics

Year 10 Algebra
Year 10 EOY Exam
Year 10 Geometry
Year 10 Graphs
Year 10 Measurement
Year 10 Probability
Year 10 Statistics Project
Year 10 Trig

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Note that some of the links below are shared with Year 11 Classes, the pages in the year 10 workbook are listed below.

Term 4 Junior Exams on the 9th of November

Year 10 EOY Exam
Revision/Study then Junior Exams on the 9th of November (NOT the 21st to 25th November)
Stats Test was going to be on the 11th of November
but has been MOVED to after the exams.
Geometry Geogebra Assignment Due 6th December

Term 3

Probability Class Test 6th October Year 10 Probability
Graphs Class Test on the 19th of September Year 10 Graphs
Trig and Pythag test on 30th of August - details Year 10 Trig

Term 2

On the last day of term 2 we made Sonobe units... 3 credit INTERNAL
3rd May: Circles page 146 and 147 circle questions
4th May: rectangles, triangles etc page 155 to 157 complete page 146, 147 and 148
5th May: 3d shapes pg 165, 166 and 167
10th May: 135 to 137
11th May: 138 to 140
12th May: 141 to 143
13th May: 144; 150 to 152 (if the measurement test is delayed for any reason)
13th May : Measurement TEST
17th May: 181 to 183
18th May: 184 to 186
19th May: 187 to 189
20th May: 190 to 193
24th May: 194 to 196
Complete for Homework each day (no more than 30 minutes per night on average)


You are expected to:
- Mark as you go to ensure you are practising the correct skills.
- Read the notes and highlight them in a way that helps you.
- Skip some of the easy exercises, by doing every second one. These can be done at the end of the year prior to exams.
- Skip some larger chunks if you are confident, but make a note explaining why you skipped them.
- Do at least half of all the problems.
- Help fellow students.
- Ask for help from fellow students and me when you need it.
- Work through the book in class as well as at home (this involves transporting your book to and from school).
- Add additional notes that help you make sense of the content.
- Monitor your progress in order to ensure you complete the work in time.
- learn from your mistakes, by taking time to sort out what went wrong.

Term One:
- Understand that the number internal assessment that is worth NCEA credits happens at the end of term 1, so completing the pages before the test is in your best interests.
- Understand that the number NCEA internal assessment is focused on fractions, decimals, percentages and ratio.
and to work productively, engaged in mathematical learning, in class time and for 30minutes a day at home (on average).
Example NCEA internal assessments

Check out the following resources when you have time.

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