Year 10 Probability

Covered the last 3 weeks of term 3. 6th of October Class Test.
This will be LIKE the one on moodle: Year 10 CORE
Related pages of work book are Chapter 19 page 277 to 290

21st September

Introduction using the UFO dice race and
Told students by the end of this topic they must have completed page 277 to 290 in their learning workbook.

Expected pages for today and tonight are 277 and 278

27th September for the coin tossing simulation used in class.

28th September
You are in charge of your learning: Choose what is best for you: make a plan and stick to it.
Year 10 Learning workbook pages 277 to 290 - continue to work through them
I can do sheet from cream pakuranga workbook on page 11
Practice test from cream pakuranga workbook on page 40
Beta textbook chapter 30

29th September
Check out the "Old Probability" past papers stored here: NCEA Level 1 Past Papers

30th September

4th October
Practise Test

Note a Simulation WILL be in the test.

5th October
Reflection of prior to 2011, 2011 to date and plan for the end of 2011 "write your ownb ending"