If they will not load try these:

If they usually work
- refresh the page
- exit from your browser and start over

If they never work
- get the latest Java
- run applet start from

Check out the speed of your connection

applet 3D trig
Applet Clinometer
Applet Pythag
Applet Pythag Practise
Applet Visual understanding SOHCAHTOA
Applet Right Angle Triangles All
Applet Advanced Pythag and Trig
applet SOH CAH TOA
Applet Trig Functions
Applet Trig Sine Rule
Applet Trig Cosine Rule
Applet Cosine Error

Applet Algebra Laws 1 Commutative and Associative
Applet Algebra Laws 2 Distributive
Applet Algebra Laws 3 Identity and Inverse
Applet Algebra Laws 4 Product and Quotient signs
Applet Algebra Laws 5 Absolute Value and adding Signs
Applet Algebra Laws 6 Power Rules
Applet Algebra Skills Expand
Applet Algebra Skills 2 Factorise
Applet Algebra Expand P Expand perfect squares
Applet Algebra Factorise P Factorise perfect squares
Applet Algebra Expand D Expand diff between 2 squares
Applet Algebra Factorise D Factorise diff between 2 squares
Applet Algebra Skills SE Solve Simultaneous Equations
Applet Algebra Skills SE 2 Solve Simultaneous Equations
Applet Algebraic Fractions Simplify Algebraic Fractions
Applet Algebraic fractions 2 Simplify Algebraic Fractions
Intend to make:
Simplify Algebraic fractions with 2 fractions involved
Solve equations with 2 algebraic fractions
Applet Algebra Powers
Simplify fractions with powers
Solve equations with powers Applet Algebra Powers 2
Algebra Concepts:
Applet Algebra Concept
Applet Algebra Concept 2

Applet Coordinates
Applet Gradient 1
Applet Gradient 2
Applet All Graphs
Applet Graphs SL 3 ways
Applet Graph Linear
Applet Graphs Parabola
Applet Graph Patterns

Applet Normal Distribution

See Year 10 Geometry or for a list.

Applets I have NOT made, but am impressed with and plan to use in the classroom:
From made by Pip Arnold
Applet Pip Connect Area Connects the area of a rectangle with a fixed perimeter and an upside down parabola
Applet Pip Parabola Shows multiple representations
Applet Pip Simultaneous Shows the intersection of 2 lines

Applet Calculus Ellipse